Tony learning to fix a flat tire.2 Year Anniversay
Nike Half Marathon
Photo Booth. Oct 2008.

Tony and I have been married for four entertaining years. Along with Tony's ravenous appetite to explore the foods of the world and my picky palate for only sugar and carbs, outdoor activities have been a fun way to try and offset the bluge. During the winter, we enjoy racing eachother down the mountain on our snowboards. During the summer we have fun hiking, riding our bikes or running on trails. Recreational running ( more like quickly stroling) eventually led us into joining the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco 2008.

The Nike Half Marathon was during our two year wedding anniversary and instead of going on a romantic getaway, we ran 13.1 miles. Actaully, we walked most of it as I had just come of crutches from a severe tennis ankle injury. I probably only jogged about 10% of the race. The rest, we strolled and took pictures. I know it drove Tony crazy that we walked most of it. I knew he was eager to prance on the race course and get going. Thankfully, we stayed together and actually crossed together. We celebrated our marriage by crossing the finish line "hand in hand". And this "hand in hand" thing is a big deal, because I'm much slower than Tony.

Tony learning to fix a flat tire. Crossing the finish line
"hand in hand" during our
2 year anniversary.

During the Nike Half Marathon in 2008, we were surrounded by runners in purple jerseys with many supporters yelling encouraging words of "Go Team!". Many of these runners were wearing t-shirts with the names of cancer individuals for whom they paying tribute.  We learned that these groups of runners we a part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training Program. We noticed that since many of them were running in honor of special individuals, they seemed to have so much purpose and an inner motivation to finish the race. It was such an inspiring experience seeing so many of these purple wearing participants supporting one another and working towards the same goal.

This sense of purpose, inspired us join the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Winter Team In Training Program and participate in our first endurance event, the Lavaman Triathlon. We had such a postive experience, that we became a part of the supporting staff for the Team In Training Summer 2009 and Winter 2010 Triathlon Season. We just finished our first Ironteam 2009-2010 season participating in Ironman Canada. We have had so much fun, that we are returning for Ironteam 2010-2011!

Not only are we here to run, bike and swim, but we are here to spread awareness and inspire hope that there can be a cure.

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