Tony learning to fix a flat tire.
Tony, Donella and Bea.

The process of training for this triathlon has been an uplifting and empowering experience. Last year ,Tony and I never imagined that we would ever train for a triathlon together. I barely knew how to swim, I was recovering from an ankle injury and we didn't even have bikes. But with inspiration from the honorees, cancer patients, the suppport of friends, family, loving motivation from my husband, and the help of Team In Training ( and of course the many hours in the pool) we completed our first olympic distance race, the Lavaman triathlon.
This year, we took it up a notch and joined Team In Training's Ironteam and competed in Ironman Canada 2010.

Tony learning to fix a flat tire.
Donella during the bike ride at the Lavaman Tri, Kona, HI.

Team in Training is an incredible program for beginner and expert marathoners, triathletes and long-distance bike riders. It brings together a community of individuals raising money towards a common goal and brings awareness about leukemia, lymphoma and other cancer research. We had such a postive experience with Team In Training, that we became a part of the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training supporting staff. During the summer season 2009, I was a team mentor for the Pacific Grove Team and Tony was a training captain for the winter 2010 Lavaman Team. This past year we also had the opportunity to join the Ironteam and train for our first Ironman. =)

If you are considering training for a marathon, triathlon, century (100 mile) bike ride, or an Ironman distance. I highly recommend sitting in on an info session to hear what it's all about. They have programs in many cities around the U.S. And you just never know, you might be training for an edurance sport that you never thought could be possbile =)

For more information check out the Team in Training website.

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