We would like to thank everyone for your support, well wishes, prayers and words of encouragement. You have helped us reach our fundraising goal, collectively you have donated $16,240 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as part of our triathlon fundraising. The funds you have contributed are helping find cures for cancer!

Carol Bartz
Pam Goacher
Buddy and Julieta Valencerina
Amy & Matt Heinz
Mark and Erin Salinas
Joel Yau
Junior and Desiree Rimando
Eric and Jennifer Carino
Jennifer Peerless
Eli and Deborah Gonzales
Mike and Rowena Tebaldi
Dan Lee
Joanne Saunders
Dominador and Edna Bernardo
Christabelle and Lou Lavarro
Marissa Espejo
Ronald Moe
Patrick Poon
Ryan and Michelle Cox Franzola
Julie and Roland Tan
Ryan and Michelle Parris
Mark Wayne Javier
Nicole Spencer
Brian Samuels
Lori Lum
Katherine Tanalega
Danielle Manalo
Lamar and Sarah Arboleda
Aurora Quiroz
Mark Flippen
Dominador Corrales
Rey and Ciel Trinidad
Valentino and Cari Cabana
Maureen Reagan
Sam and Dorothy Ee
Alex Lord
Nelly Mac
Gilbert and Alice Kim
Peter and Sharon Poon
Rodrigo L. Callo & Tagumpay Callo
Joey and Amelia Zamora
Glenn and Jacqueline Johnson
Sheila Melanie Berrei
Dr. Mark McDade
Terry Pergamit
Stacy Hames
Amanda and Dan Stahlschmidt
Jennifer Norris
Lisa Norris
Nicolas Chavez
Wilmar and Lori Ann Tretasco
Camille Chang
Christine Battad
Allan Ng
Marisa Espinosa
Cynthia Maller
Gladys Nortey
Tara Greco
Erika Castro
Brittany Erskine
Meg Garlinghouse
Brian Samuels
Nicole Bueno
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Judy Flores
Dr Jeannette Potts
Michael Aguila
William Allsup
Jeremy Henry
Amy Chang
Hoang and Maria Dimaano Lam
Janet Noeller
Timothy Carpenter
Lisha Cassingham
Lauren Lewitzki
Maria Lu
Erin Cahill
Iris Bullicer Ilao
Joseph Cayetano
Tori Corbett
Ryan and Michelle Parris
Agbayani and Julieta Cayetano
Anna Bechen
Cora Maglaya
Holly Welch
Kylee Miller
Erin Cahill
Tara and Mark Socquet
Felicia Bersano
Danielle Durante
Kevin English
Mel and Jean Lee
Robert and Vern Nazareno
Glenn and Monette Depuno
Sarah Hayden
Sam and Dorothy Ee
Claudia Flores
Charleen Morla
Sandee Leong
Chester and Fina Fernandez
Ryan and Janell Tao
Roy and Milagros Canoy
Kari and Shawn Robinson
Georgeanne Vlad
Laurie and Willie Quinn
Caroline & Doug Palmer
Dr. Teru and Ikuko Harada
Colin McKinney
Virginia and Rolando Camilon
William Demas
Kay Boehlke
Paul Zarka
Randy and Tricia Flores-Legaspi
Scott Friesen
Polly Morse
Caryn Barman
Kelly and Clayton White
Kelly Harris
Kylee Miller
Christina Brownson
Jessica Yu
Michelle Hickam
Lori Lum
Dan Russell
Michael Ingardia and Vanessa De Ingardia
Jean-Frederic Aboudarham
Franny Guillen
Cara Pugh
Beatrice Wang
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